HERS I Diagnostic Testing and Compliance Rating Services

What is HERS?

Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) began as a standardized method of evaluating and scoring the energy effiency of a home.

Today HERS raters are divided into two classifications, a compliance rater (HERS I) and a whole-house rater (HERS II). The compliance rater uses sophisticated equipment to field verify portions of a home for compliance with energy efficient measures called out in a title 24 energy report. The whole-house rater evaluates newly constructed and existing homes in order to determine the houses "rating." or more specifically the houses energy efficiency.

What is an Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit is a comprehensive analysis of your home's energy use. The report from an Energy Audit can determine what improvements can be done to improve your home's energy usage. The report will show how much energy your home needs to operate.

The report will show how your home compares to other home's energy usage on a standardized scale and you will be provided with a score and official rating certificate.

Why get an Energy Audit?

• If you are planning a home remodel, an energy audit would be helpful to determine what areas of your home could be upgraded for better energy efficiency.
• If you plan to get solar panels or alternative energy sources it is important to know how much energy your home needs to operate.
• You want to know how your home's energy efficiency compares to other homes in your area or in the state.
• You plan to sell your home and want to show potential buyers how energy efficient your home is and how the energy use of the home compares to others.