Title 24 Commercial Energy Compliance

Carstairs Energy Inc. offers affordable Commercial Title 24 Energy Compliance which can consist of Envelope, Mechanical, and Lighting. We offer these reports for tenant improvements, additions, and new construction. Carstairs Energy Inc. uses state certified software and we guarantee the accuracy and acceptance of your Title 24 Report. Submit plans through our website or e-mail us at title24@yahoo.com.

Commercial Envelope Title 24: If you are changing the exterior shell of the building including windows or doors you will need commercial Envelope Title 24.

Commercial Mechanical Title 24: If you are adding or modifying the heating and cooling system in a commercial construction project you will need Mechanical Title 24 compliance to show that the new system complies with California energy standards.

Commercial Lighting Title 24: If you are altering or installing new lighting fixtures in your commercial building project you will need to comply with California energy standards for lighting.

What we need: We will need a copy (PDF is preferable) of your construction drawings/architectural plan set. The most important pages we need are:

  • • Architectural Floor Plan that includes window, wall, and door dimensions or window & door schedule
  • • Site plan (showing building orientation)
  • • Sections and Elevations
  • • Mechanical/Electrical plans (If applicable)

Our team of engineers will review your order request and respond same day to let you know that we have received your project and have all of the necessary information. Our typical turnaround time is 2 days from the time we receive all of your project information. Rush service is also available.

*We guarantee that our reports will be approved by your local building department. If for any reason there are plan check corrections you can simply e-mail us the corrections and we will provide the updated report at no additional charge. If there are client changes and updates to their plans there may be an update fee depending on the changes.